Child Needs

Parents are responsible for providing the following:

Extra set of clothing

Dressed properly for outside weather


Diapers (if appropriate)

Wipes (if appropriate)

Infant formula or lunch

Sick Child

Child will be sent home if they have any of the following symptoms:

Fever over 100 degrees (taken under the arm)



Suspicious Rash


New Year’s Day

Good Friday

Memorial Day

Fourth of July

Labor Day

Thanksgiving Day

Day After Thanksgiving

Christmas Eve Day

Christmas Day


Three weeks of vacation days per year.


Do I have to pay if my child does not attend?

There is a charge if your child is sick or if you are on vacation.  If the daycare is closed due to sickness, vacation, or holiday, there is no charge.

Can my child receive third party services at the daycare?

Yes, you would have to set that up with the third party organization, and work around the daycare’s schedule.

Can parents come visit during the day?

Yes, parents are welcome anytime during daycare hours.

Do you accept checks or direct deposit?

Yes, you can pay by cash, check, or direct deposit into my account.

Do the children get outside on a regular basis?

Yes, the children go outside daily, weather permitting.

What if I need someone else to pick up my child?

This can be handled two ways.  You can state on the enrollment form all persons who may pick up your child.  Or, you can personally call the daycare on a case by case basis and inform who will be picking up your child.  They will need to present a driver’s license when picking up for identity verification.

Come Visit Us

Finding the right daycare for your child is a difficult but important task for a parent.  Wondering if this is the right daycare for you?  Schedule a time to come and visit and find out for youself.  You'll be able to meet the provider, see the facility, and ask any questions that you may have.  You can also see how your child interacts in the environment.